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Oyako-don Recipe

How to make Oyako-don Recipe

let's cook japanese food

Ingredients ( Serves 4 )

・160 g  boneless chicken    
・100 g  onion   
・3 eggs

・1 cup (200 ml) water
・1 tbsp (9 g) sugar
・2 tbsp (30 ml) soy sauce

・You will also need 4 cups (standard rice bowls) of freshly cooked rice
・2 tbsp (30 ml) soy sauce

・You will also need 4 cups (standard rice bowls) of freshly cooked rice

How to cook

  1. Cook your rice beforehand.
  2. Slice the chicken and onion. Slice the chicken lengthways into strips about 2 cm in width. Lay each strip, long side facing you, and glide your knife at a low angle, cutting the chicken into 5 mm slices. Slice the onions into slices approx. 5 mm thick. Crack and whisk 3 eggs in a bowl.
  3. Place the ingredients for the sauce in a frying pan and bring to the boil. Spread the sliced chicken and onions evenly across the pan. Place lid on the pan and simmer on low heat for 4 min. Remove lid. Ensure the ingredients are simmering well when you add the beaten eggs in a circular motion. Simmer until the eggs are half done. Turn off heat and place lid on pan to let the mixture steam in its own heat for 1 to 2 min.
  4. You will need 4 deep bowls. Place a serving of hot rice in each bowl and top with the chicken and egg mixture and the sauce.

Regular Japanese nourishment with wide mixture

Oyakodon's Don or Donburi implies a to a degree extensive dish.
Dishes served in such a dish with rice and a fixing are called Donburimono. There are an extensive mixture of donburimono dishes in Japan. Regular cases incorporate tempura-wear (rice finished with tempura and a soy-based sauce) and gyu-wear (rice finished with stewed hamburger). Albeit not as recognizable to individuals outside Japan as sushi and tempura, donburimono are commonplace, regular toll to the Japanese. There are restaurant networks crosswise over Japan having some expertise in gyu-wear and oyako-wear. New donburimono dishes are being made the majority of the time with new and distinctive fixings. Add your own fixing to rice and make an unique, your one of a kind donburimono dish.

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